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How would you feel when you wake up in the morning and you are about to go to the toilet and find that the entire bathroom is filled with water? There are no open taps or even the commode is not overflowing. Then you notice that there is a small dent in one of the pipes and the water is leaking from that area. Instead of doing anything on your own, it will be wise if you call the experts. And, when it comes to experts, we at UK Leak Detection provide hassle-free leak detection services.

There are many reasons why a leak can happen in the pipes. And, it is not just limited to the bathroom or toilet. Leaks can take place in the kitchen or even in the pipes that are located under the house. Honestly, nobody likes a leak in their house. It increases the risk of having molds in the areas that still remain moist. So, if you find that there is water overflowing in any of the rooms, do get in touch with us. We provide comprehensive leak detection services to all our clients so that you get sufficient time to decide what the right option to fix the leak will be. Of course, we will offer various solutions that will help fix the leak. But we allow our clients to decide the best option because not all the solutions are pocket-friendly. If the entire floor or wall has to be replaced, it will be a costly solution.

Types of  Leak Detection services

UK Leak Detection is the leading company to offer a wide range of leak detection services. Our comprehensive service has helped us win several awards but what is more important for us is the safety and satisfaction of our clients. So, here are some of the services that you can expect from us:

Water leak detection

As you can understand from the name, we provide water leak detection services. Whenever you find there is water overflowing, do not think twice before calling us. In addition to water leak detection, we also provide insurance assistance at a minimum cost. There are times when supply pipes and water mains are faulty and they cause the leak. We assure you that our experts will get to the bottom of the cause and try to fix it as soon as possible.

Heating leak detection

The heater in your bathroom can become faulty and spread water all around. If the boiler pressure goes off limit, then there are high chances of the heater leaking and it has to be fixed quickly. UK Leak Detection has trained professionals who have the experience to deal with faulty boilers. These leaks have to be detected and fixed quickly because they have the potential to spread water all around the house.

Damp investigation

Suppose there is a crack in the roof and rainwater seeps through the crack. It will cause damp to the ceiling of the rooms and eventually, there will be dark spots on the wall and ceiling. It is quite difficult for anyone to detect such leaks because the cracks may not be visible. But UK Leak Detection has the tools and experts to detect such leaks. The first thing that you will notice when there is a damp is the growth of molds. Dampness in the rooms is an indication that there is a leak somewhere in the house. Do not waste any time and call our office immediately so that our experts can go and detect the exact location of the leak.

Why choose Eek A Leak Detection

We have worked hard to become the leading leak detection company in the UK. If you are still not convinced, then here are a few reasons that will convince you to opt for our service:

Water leaks in the house or at the office should be attended without any delay and UK Leak Detection is just a call away from reaching your place. So, be quick and contact us to get a prompt response from us.

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