5 Signs Of A Hidden Water Leak In Your House

    5 Signs Of A Hidden Water Leak In Your House

    water leak signs

    5 Symptoms of a Hidden Water Leak in Your House

    Have you ever been to an old and dilapidated house and taken a tour inside? What do you notice first? There is mold and mildew on the walls and ceilings and there is dust and dirt all around, right? Why do you think there is so much mold on the walls? It is because the walls have become damp due to the leakage in the pipes. This is something that can happen to any house or business and your home is no different. Hidden water leaks can be a nuisance and if it is not detected quickly, it can become a huge headache for you and your house causing thousands of pounds worth of damage.

    But how do you understand whether there is a leak or not? You can always know that the plumbing system or a pipe has been damaged when there is water everywhere. But for leaks that are not so obvious there are several other water leak detection techniques that can be used to diagnosed a water leak by your self before you call in the professionals. You should look to notice the symptoms explained below of a water leaks so that you can call in the experts as quickly and keep water damage to a minimal.

    Mold in Your home

    Probably, the first signs of a water leak will be mold and mildew on the walls or floors. Rooms that have slightly dark color on the walls make it difficult to understand the dampness. But when you see molds growing along the side of the walls, it means that there could be a leak somewhere in the plumbing system. Mold and mildew will grow quickly where there is constant moisture and if there is a leaking pipe behind the walls or underneath the floor, chances are that the mold will flourish in quick time. Mold can have a serious impact on the health of your family. So, make sure you call the experts as soon as you notice mold anywhere in the house.

    Warped floors

    warped floorboards from water damage

    If you are trying to find water leak in the house and not sure if there is one, the floors can often indicate otherwise. A big part of the plumbing system is installed underneath the house. That means the floors will play a part if there is any leakage in the system. Most houses that have wooden floors get warped when there is a water leak. You will notice that the floors always remain moist and when this continues to happen, the wood will get damaged sooner than later.

    Even if you don’t have a wooden floor, there are chances that the tiles or marbles may start to crack after a few years. There are times when water leaks underneath the floor do not get detected easily. The floor may get moist sometimes but most people tend to ignore this symptom. By the time the leak gets detected, the floor already gets damaged and you not only have to pay for the water damage restoration but also get a new floor installed.

    Odor of decaying wood

    Have you ever noticed the smell a peculiar odor that is somewhat close to the smell of wood but you can’t identify where is exactly the smell coming from? It may be that the wooden floor or the walls are decaying because they have been affected by the moisture from the leaking pipes for too long. In fact, it is a common symptom that you should be aware of. It is quite easy to ignore this sign because you feel that the house itself is producing the odor . When the wood starts to decay, you will also notice the growth of mold and mildew and that will be a clear indication that there is a hidden water leak in the house. It is important to address the leak immediately because if the wood gets decayed beyond repair, it will cost you a significant amount of money to replace it.

    Stained and sagging walls

    sagging walls

    Another very visible symptom of a water leak is the sagging of the walls or stains on the walls. Be it a brick or stone or wooden wall, when there is a leakage in the pipes beyond the wall, they are bound to get affected. The first symptoms will be the stains on the wall. When the water seeps through the bricks, it makes the wall moist. Soon, there will be spots on the wall and ceilings that will be visible very clearly. They will cause the paint to deteriorate and the dampness will cause the room to always have a moist feeling. In fact, the walls will also start to sag after some time. The areas that get affected by the water leak will have stains first. The same areas will start to decay and soon the paint from that area will come off giving the wall a very bad look.

    High water bills

    This is a no-brainer.

    high water bills

    When you get a consistently high water bill for months and the consumption of water is average or below average, you should understand that there is something wrong with the plumbing system. There has to be a leak somewhere that is allowing the water to flow without your notice. This increases the water bill unexpectedly. Since you do not have any knowledge about water leak detection, and you find that the water bill is excessively high, you should get in touch. we have advanced tools to detect the exact location of the leak.

    Water leaks are quite common in houses and if you are staying in a house that is quite old, then there will be chances of a water leak that you need to be aware of. In addition to these symptoms, you should also keep an eye on the pressure of the boiler and the leak indicator. Boilers often get faulty and leak water in the bathroom. Whatever the symptom may be, if you feel that there is a leak, do not waste, take action as soon as possible to avoid further damage and complications.

    eekaleakdetection.co.uk is committed to finding and repairing your water leak.

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